SpyBot Search & Destroy 2.4.40

Easily detect and remove a variety of destructive spyware and malware from your computer

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 8

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    7.2 (1059)

SpyBot Search and Destroy is designed to find and remove all types of malware from your PC. The software offers two different modes and is known for being a very powerful ally against the various malware your computer can all too easily acquire as you traverse the Internet.

When you first download and install this program, it will automatically ask you if you want to update it. This is a good thing; SpyBot Search and Destroy offers frequent updates, and that makes it especially effective as a defense against the newest malware that is out there. Updating can be a bit time-consuming, so you might be tempted to skip it. To keep your computer as safe as possible, however, it is recommended that you update your program each time that an update is available.

Next, you will be asked if you want to create a backup of all of your files. This is a good idea in case the program accidentally deletes an important file that it thinks is malicious. It's definitely a good plan to create a backup when using SpyBot or any anti-malware programs.

After installation, using the product is easy. With advanced and default modes, you control how you use the system. If you are a beginner, using the default mode should be sufficient for cleaning out your computer. The advanced mode offers a few settings if you want to customize your experience.

Either way, the program will scan your computer for spyware and other malicious files and will then prompt you about what to do. You can get rid of these files and programs easily with SpyBot Search and Destroy, and running a scan regularly is a good way to keep your computer in good health.

As a simple program, SpyBot Search and Destroy is a good option. It works well and is free to download, and it detects some files that other similar programs do not. You may not want to rely on it solely to keep your PC safe, but it works well in conjunction with other anti-virus and anti-malware programs. Keeping your computer safe from the many malicious files that are out there is critical, and this program can help.


  • SpyBot Search and Destroy is easy to use.
  • The default setting is very easy for beginners to use, but there are more advanced settings for power users.
  • It detects malicious files that other programs do not find.
  • Regular updates are available to help keep your computer safe against new threats.


  • Updates can be slow.
  • Important files may accidentally be deleted. You can fight against this by creating a backup of your files, however.

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